And the second candle of Advent is the candle of Peace.

In a world of terrorism, hatred, violence, and nations spending trillions to assure they can destroy each other, how can we even think about peace?   In a similar manner, if anyone consulted an economist or banker, no children would be born because the cost of raising even one is way beyond the means of any couple. !   Clothes, food, toys, etc., etc., etc.!   And in a similar manner, should no one contemplate peace in a world filled with the above?   But we light a candle of peace!

Like a baby born to poverty or riches, peace is a concept born to be nurtured and cared for.   It’s only possible if some dare speak and pray and work to make it grow.   This season let us spend some time considering peace not just as a concept but as a possibility.  May we enter the realm of the light shed by this candle of peace and dare to consider the foundations of hatred and courageously confront our role in them, dare to talk about terror and what its roots might be, dare to wonder if peace might be more likely if we didn’t build so many weapons of war.  As we light the second candle, let us think and pray and commit ourselves to working for peace in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our world.

From Beneath the Pulpit,
Tom Williams, The Interim