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Love Baskets 2017

A very special thank you to everyone making this project a vessel of God’s steadfast caring and love. A true teamwork of members.

We collected $87.50 for the Baskets in The Mini Missions. This was used to purchase the bags and special items used to make them beautiful works of love.

And the third Advent candle symbolizes joy! 

We light it to remind ourselves that this is not simply a season of hope for that special gift or dreams that wars and hatred will cease.   It is a season in which we ought find joy but joy requires some things and not necessarily “stuff”

Joy is the sheer pleasure of love found in the arms of a beloved.   It is the celebration of dreams and hope fulfilled.   To achieve it people require safety, security, and a willingness to embrace pleasure.   The media is filled with stories of women whose safety and security is violated by men who seek to use their power to dominate and take advantage.   We often forget the insecurity of those who live in insecure and unsafe neighborhoods filled with gangs or poverty or both.   And then there is the insecurity of empty tables when children are hungry, mouths need to be fed.   Joy seems too often overwhelmed by life lived with eyes and ears wide open.

However, as we light this candle of Joy, let us embrace the notion of the here but not yet – the here as the presence of God, the not yet is the hope, peace, and joy that presence ought engender through security and safety for all in every aspect of life.   Let us embrace the joy, the pleasure of this season and use it as a foundation to make the not yet real.

From Beneath the Pulpit,
Tom Williams, The Interim

And the second candle of Advent is the candle of Peace.

In a world of terrorism, hatred, violence, and nations spending trillions to assure they can destroy each other, how can we even think about peace?   In a similar manner, if anyone consulted an economist or banker, no children would be born because the cost of raising even one is way beyond the means of any couple. !   Clothes, food, toys, etc., etc., etc.!   And in a similar manner, should no one contemplate peace in a world filled with the above?   But we light a candle of peace!

Like a baby born to poverty or riches, peace is a concept born to be nurtured and cared for.   It’s only possible if some dare speak and pray and work to make it grow.   This season let us spend some time considering peace not just as a concept but as a possibility.  May we enter the realm of the light shed by this candle of peace and dare to consider the foundations of hatred and courageously confront our role in them, dare to talk about terror and what its roots might be, dare to wonder if peace might be more likely if we didn’t build so many weapons of war.  As we light the second candle, let us think and pray and commit ourselves to working for peace in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our world.

From Beneath the Pulpit,
Tom Williams, The Interim

ADVENT – a season of expectation and preparation!

And so it begins but too often what gets lost in the stress of entertaining and gifting is meaning – what the season means to each of us and not just some preachy, sophomoric pablum but an answer to why we spend so much time in preparation, in shopping, in doing whatever it is we do.   My suggestion is to grab a glass or cup of a favorite beverage and, as Garrison Keillor would say, sit awhile.   Be open, be honest, and be hopeful.   And then consider that what makes this season so special is not just the cookies or the gifts or the parties.   What makes this season special is that we can share with our families, our communities, our world the joy of simple acts of kindness, the excitement of ridiculous acts of generosity,  and the welcoming arms of relatives, of family, of friends, of community.   And we do so as a response to the presence of a power, a presence greater than “me”.  And it’s a power which has inspired believers to confront violence with love, hatred with kindness, injustice with courage.   It’s a power we call God and this is the season we embrace that presence as symbolized by the birth of a child.   And so spend some time sipping and sitting and daring to laugh, love, and live a little bit this season of expectation and preparation!

Tom Williams, The Interim

Volunteers needed!

WE ARE IN NEED OF A FEW VOLUNTEERS to help Pastor Tom as he visits with our shut-ins. If you are interested in accompanying Pastor as he makes his monthly visits, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Pastor Tom, Carla Zander or call the church office at 756-3334.


WOULD YOU LIKE TO SERVE ON THE STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE and/or head up the Stewardship Committee? We are in need of volunteers to come forward to help serve on this committee. Please speak with Pastor Tom or Carla Zander if you are interested.

Thank you!

“To the People of Peace Church, On behalf of our ministry, Furlough Ministries would like to thank you for your generous donation. You are helping us to make the lives of missionaries a little brighter. May God richly bless you all. – Furlough Ministries”

Children’s Christmas Program Participation

WE ARE WAITING TO HEAR FROM A FEW MORE FAMILIES regarding participation in our annual Children’s Christmas program. Please reply to Kathy in the office if your child/children will be participating or NOT participating in the Children’s Christmas Program which is scheduled for Sunday, December 18th during the Sunday Worship. You can place a note on her desk, e-mail her at or call the church office at 756-3334. The deadline to reply is November 11th