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Pastor Kris’ Blog

Children’s Christmas Program Participation

WE ARE WAITING TO HEAR FROM A FEW MORE FAMILIES regarding participation in our annual Children’s Christmas program. Please reply to Kathy in the office if your child/children will be participating or NOT participating in the Children’s Christmas Program which is scheduled for Sunday, December 18th during the Sunday Worship. You can place a note on her desk, e-mail her at or call the church office at 756-3334. The deadline to reply is November 11th

Mission to the Dominican Republic

NEXT SUNDAY WE WELCOME Dan Natzke, a local farmer who travels each year with a mission team to the Dominican Republic. Over the years our church has reached out to help in their annual pilgrimage and projects which included well drilling (our H2O project in 2013), supplying Bibles (Mini Missions 10/2010 and 10/2015), feeding programs and building shelter/meeting areas (rummage sales 2009 and 2016). Dan will be reporting on progress over the years and what they hope to achieve during their upcoming trip.

How Can You Use Your Gifts?

We welcome everyone to give of their gifts and talents for the good of Peace Church. God has given us unique gifts and talents that are intended to be shared. Like public speaking? You might get involved as a lay reader. If you are friendly and outgoing, you could be an usher or greeter. Maybe you’re good at sharing your faith, you could help by teaching Sunday school or being a Sunday school helper. Take a moment and think about what gifts God has given you. If you would like to join any of our ministry opportunities, please call the church office at 756-3334 and speak with Kathy and she would be more than happy to add you to our list of ministry volunteers.

Coffee Hour Begins!!

COFFEE HOUR WILL BEGIN AGAIN on Sunday, September 11th with an Ice Cream Social to kick off Sunday School. We have a wonderful surprise for the children of Peace Church and those young at heart. Officer Will and his canine partner, Amer, will be here immediately after worship on September 11th. Our mini-missions this past April was for “Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog”. The money we collected helped with the purchase of a vest for Amer. Just a reminder to all who attend, Amer is a trained police dog, so please no touching or hugging. Amer must listen to his master, Officer Will. So please DO NOT approach the dog and the children should remain calm and we are relying on the parents to help remind their children of these rules.

There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship hall for donations for the Ice Cream Social.

The church needs your help

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Jane Kopidlansky would appreciate a couple of wonderful volunteers she could call upon who would like to do some dusting (every few weeks in the fellowship hall & nursery), cleaning of church pews, dusting walls, washing windows and vacuuming of brick walls. As like any household, many of these jobs are done yearly, monthly or every other week or when the need arises. So, please consider calling Jane at 1-920-428-5974 and let her know that you are willing to help, even if it is only for a once a year good cleaning of God’s House! Thank you!

Love Packages

We are collecting religious literature for an organization called “Love Packages”. Their mission is to put Christian Literature in the hands of people around the world. So, when you are doing that spring cleaning and you come across religious literature you would like to pass along, like used or new Bibles, bible games, adult or children’s Christian books, teaching material, Christian magazines, religious DVD’s, etc. (NO VHS Tapes or 8 Track Tapes) please bring them to church and drop in the box located by the door exiting the fellowship hall. Jane & Leonard Kopidlansky are willing to drive all donations to the drop off located here in Wisconsin.

For more information, please visit

Words of thanks and recent elections

If you were in attendance at the Annual Meeting you are already aware that Tony Reese has completed his two 2 year terms on the council. Thank you Tony for all your hard work and dedication to Peace Church. The vacancy was filled by Todd Schneider. Thank also to Carla Zander and Dave Sommers willing to serve another 2 year term on the council. So the council consists of the following members: Carla Zander – President, Phil Koenigs – Vice President, Todd Schneider – Secretary, Dave Sommers, Dawn Voight, Jane Kopidlansky and Rev. Kris Borns.

Finishing her four years on the Endowment Committee is Becky Fischer. Thank you, Becky, and we are grateful for your service! Stepping into the vacant spot on the Endowment Committee will be Chuck Burich. Chuck Burich will be serving along side, Carol Reese, Jill Greve, Bob Lowe, Carla Zander (Council representative) and Don Wittmann who serves as an advisor to this committee.

Thank you, one & all, for your willingness to give of your time and talent!


Something that we all have an excess of right?  That’s what I thought.   Have you ever heard the expression “many hands make light work”?  Well, it really does.

Check out the many simple and fun things you can help with that won’t take much time at all on our Time and Talent page.   Many of them are during worship on sundays!

Please share your gift of time!

Patrick’s Patches

PATRICK’S PATCHES is once again looking for donations of school supplies.  Here are a few suggestions of items needed: backpacks, notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, pens, folders, scissors, erasers, crayons, markers, glue, wide line loose leaf paper, calculators