Giving Automatically

Even if you forget your wallet at home,  get the fulfillment and joy of knowing that you are supporting the missions of Peace every week.   Setting up an a one time donation or weekly automatic donations is quick and simple, it only takes a few moments.  Your gifts are automatically processed from your checking, saving, debit or credit card account on one or more dates you specify each month.   Since these are electronic,  the costly administrative overhead is so greatly reduced, 25 cents per transaction,  more of your gift is directed to missions Peace provides to our community, our country and even the world.

Below are the many ways you can setup automated giving:

  • printable application (requires Adobe Reader)
  • paper forms located near your mailbox in the fellowship hall

All paper forms can be placed in the offering plate during worship,  give them to any of our council members on Sunday, or dropped by the UCC office during normal office hours.

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