OCWM, Our Church’s Wider Mission …

There are four functions of OCWM; clergy, mission, Moon Beach & Pilgrim Center, & local church support.

Clergy: The wider United Church of Christ oversees the development of our clergy who are or will-be serving local churches. When each of our churches give to OCWM we enable the church to support and oversee clergy. We know that there is no perfect system for preserving the credibility of our pastors. The United Church of Christ holds clergy to standards of accountability, expectations for personal development, and they must regularly attend boundary training seminars.

Mission: A second important function of the United Church of Christ is its emphasis on mission work Our support for Our Church’s Wider Mission is how we support mission programs around the world and within the United States. The United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ work jointly in the global mission field. We are responsible for 126 missionaries in 43 countries. The United Church of Christ also coordinates opportunities for mission trips, work camps, and disaster relief. We also support nine Health and Human service agencies within Wisconsin.

Moon Beach & Pilgrim Center: When we support OCWM we help subsidize these two camps. Both offer camping experiences that nurture our Christian life in Christ. The camping program offers Music/Art/Drama camps for youth; Camp Awesome for people with autism; family camps; confirmation camps; high school camps; 50 & over camps; and scores of others.

Local Church Support: We offer support to local churches, especially when tensions surface. When difficulties happen at a local level, the first level of support is our Associate Conference Minister. In the even that more or different assistance is needed, the Northeast Association has a Committee on Pastor and Church Ethics that is comprised of 5 members; lay and clergy. The purpose of the committee is express in its title and it provide valuable assistance to local congregations when conflicts surface at any level of ministry.