Women’s Guild

In January, 1898, women from the church became interested in forming a society which would be of assistance to the congregation. As a result, they organized the “Frauen Ferein” (Women’s Society), consisting of eighteen charter members. They held their meetings in the members homes.

The charter members where: Mrs. Jacob Luecker, Mrs. Emil Schaubs, Mrs. Gustave Kruschinske, Mrs. Frederick Haese, Mrs. Jacob, Becker, Mrs. Willian Ziegler, Mrs. Fredrcidk P. Luecker, Mrs. Heinorich Pracht, Mrs. John Walter, Mrs. Reo E.J. Fleer, Mrs. Louis Zelzer, Mrs. Peter Drumm, Mrs. August Bruss, Mrs. Alberts Haese and Mrs. George Becker.

In the 1920’s the “Frauen Ferein” boasted a membership of forty.

The Women’s Guild has faithfully supported our pastors, the church financially, and special projects including paying for 4 years of high school for an African student. The ladies look for a need and try to fill it, either financially, prayerfully or by the Sunshine Committee. Our biggest fundraiser is the annual Fall Bazaar. The entire church helps us with baked goods, homemade canned items, craft items, homemade sewn items and much more.

Unfortunately, in 2017 after 119 years of dedicated service, the Women’s Guild officially disbanded due to lack of membership.